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Loading! Loading! Go through the perfect Best Lazy Load Plugins list. As a website owner or a web visitor, you must have experienced the annoyance of a slow loading website. A website visitor doesn’t hope any site to loading too slowly. Perhaps, this is the most common reason why he clicks out the website and moves to another one. On the opposite side, every web developer never wants his site to load slow. No doubt, slow-loading will reduce web-traffic, customers, and conversions. Indeed, a website’s loading time should be within two to five seconds.

Another important thing to keep in mind that your website is a drop from the huge Atlantic ocean. So, visitors don’t have enough time to waste. Thus, while it’s being too late to load, the viewers will move faster loading sites. Fortunately, there are many plugins ready in the market to increase your WordPress websites’ loading time.

Today we are going to make you familiar with some of the best WordPress lazy loading plugins. Theodore recommended plugins will surely help you to speed up your site. Let’s check out those plugins as you don’t want to lose your viewers!

what is lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a technique to optimize for web content. Lazy loading enables images to load when it’ necessary to show on the viewer’s browser. For example, you may have ten images on your page. However, the top few images will load on top, and the rest of the images will load when a user gets down the webpage. Thus the page loading time will reduce naturally. So, if you want a faster load on your site, you should install & activate the best WordPress Lazy Load plugin.

Best Free Lazy Load Plugins

Let’s watch, what is below there :

Lazyload by WP Rocket

Best Lazy Load Plugins

While you need lazy load content to speed up your site, this plugin Lazyload by WP Rocket can meet your need. It is totally free. Importantly, Lazyload can ease the HTTP request function that will help your site load faster. Again, this plugin can be a great choice when your website consists of bundles of images and thumbnails. Moreover, you can use it for any web elements. Like, text, widgets, or anything else.

Again, your website may have substantial YouTube iframes. As you can replace the frames, this plugin offers you its preview thumbnail. No doubt, your website’s loading time will reduce numerously by doing so. Thus, you’ll be able to speed up your site.

Another thing you’ll want to know, either Lazyload incorporates any JavaScript library (jQuery) or not? Luckily this plugin doesn’t consist of JQuery. Last but not the least, the script size of the plugin is not more than 10KB. As you acquired enough knowledge from our guide, make a further step to install it from Let’s know more about this best WordPress Lazy Load plugin.

Key features of Lazyload by WP Rocket:

  • Video, Iframe Lazy load Lightweight with less than 10kb size
  • Consists of bundles of images and thumbnails
  • Ease HTTP request function to use
  • Advanced custom fields

a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load is one of the best WordPress Lazy Load plugins to fasten your site. This plugin offers mobile-friendly features. Accordingly, you’ll get it very easy to use. Joking aside, a3 Lazy Load doesn’t let you worry much about how heavy your website is. Rather it just lets you get the site faster beyond your expectation. Moreover, the plugin is feature-rich. So, you can detect which are the lazy-loaded elements. Overall, our recommendation is to use it for pages, posts, widgets, thumbnails.

Key features of a3 Lazy Load:

  • Iframe, video Lazy load ready
  • Support WordPress accelerated mobile pages plugin
  • WebP images available
  • Fully Woocommerce compatible
  • Available with themes and plugins
  • Progressive custom fields.

Lazy Loader

Lazy Loader plugin

Lazy Loader comes with lightweight Lazysizes scripts. The plugin offers you to adjust the markup as you want. Here you can lazy load a lot of styles, scripts, background images, and many more. What’s more, no manual modification is needed in this plugin options.

Major Features of Lazy Loader:

  • It comes with iFrames, video, and audio elements
  • Supports lazysizes native loading plugin which can modify images and iFrames
  • lazysizes unveilhooks plugin available for supporting more elements
  • Poster frame of video elements enabled. Shows a loading spinner.

Lazy Load for Images

Lazy Load for Images

This is another plugin to speed up your site without any configurations. As per its name, the plugin loads only images while scrolling down or on the viewport. Notably, it supports most of the browsers. What’s more, this plugin is highly optimized for SEO. Again this is much user-friendly. Here you don’t have to use Jquery. Rather, with less than 1kb of JavaScript, you’ll enjoy it. Again it can exclude several images to Lazy loading.

Key features of Lazy Load for Images:

  • Load images only when required
  • Improve page loading speed. Reduce HTTP requests
  • Mobile oriented support
  • Size: less than 10 kb
  • It comes with the Genesis framework.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load Plugin

One of the best lazy load plugins that you can ever get. While you’re looking for a plugin that can work out of the box, then this one should be only for you. Definitely, BJ Lazy load meets your need in multiple tasks. Accordingly, you’ll get support for iframes, images, thumbnails, and Gravatar images. At the same time, the plugin offers support for videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other websites with its iframe support. Importantly it does not consist of an external JavaScript library.

Major Features of BJ Lazy Load:

  • Easy to install & activate
  • Out of the box support
  • Offers support for videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites
  • iframes, images, thumbnails, and Gravatar images supported
  • Speed optimization

Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js)

Unveil Lazy Load

Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js) is such a famous Lazy load plugin for WordPress. It is lightweight & optimized for search engines. Importantly, the plugin offers support for retina-ready displays as well as high-resolution images. In addition, it comes with a lot of useful features. Including great performance for search engine optimization. (SEO) Again, Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js) can load images on mobile displays. The plugin is powered by WPCube. No doubt, it’ll meet your challenges at ease. So, if you hope best support then make a journey with this premium plugin.

Major Features of Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js):

  • Lightweight
  • Premium support
  • Mobile oriented
  • Search engine optimized
  • Support for retina-ready displays

Lazy Load

Lazy Load is another WordPress lazy load plugins out here. The plugin offers bundles of useful features. Plus it is very simple to use. You just have to install and activate Lazy Load. Soon after, you’ll be able to move forward with this. Another thing you should know, Lazy Load doesn’t need any settings or customizations. That is to say, this very plugin just works well. If you just want to act and forget, then this is the plugin for you. Moreover, it comes with jQuery.sonar to load images. Notably, has written a combination of fresh code for the plugin. Thus, Lazy Load fastens your site’s loading time as well as it saves your bandwidth.

More Features of Lazy Load:

  • It features all the essential functionality
  • Improve page loading time
  • Comes with jQuery.sonar to load images

Lazy Load XT

The Lazy load XT is a newcomer to the world of WordPress Lazy load plugins. But somehow it has managed to come in the list of best WordPress Lazy Load plugins. The plugin is not unrewarded though. There are many positive reviews and great responses from users already. Lazy Load XT supports several types of media. Including images or iframes, YouTube videos, and many more. In addition, the plugin is lightweight and loads faster. Again it offers easy customization for the users. That is to say, you can work on it at ease. You just need to replace the source of images to the data source. As this, the plugin lets the images load faster. Overall, this plugin is very handy for use in WordPress.

More features of Lazy Load XT:

  • Lightweight
  • Completely customizable lazy load plugin
  • Loads the Lazy Load XT script
  • Can replace src attributes with data-src
  • Faster support

To increase traffic, conversion rate, overall customers of your website, you can use any of our recommended plugins. We’ve researched very well to let you know about the best WordPress Lazy Load plugins. Often it gets hard for a user to wait. So, if you want to fasten your site’s speed, then make a further step. Take a sharp look-out at these Lazy Load plugins.

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