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If you are in a query that, whether you can use Mega Menus in WordPress site or not. Then, we are here to let you know the great functionality of a Mega Menu. It allows you to add multi-column drop down menus. In this article, we will guide you how you can easily add a mega menu to your WordPress site.

If you have shopped online, already you should have navigated a mega menu. This is a big menu with links to the great diversity of the sections and subsections of a site.

What’s more, if you’re running an online store or another site with a lot of functionalities for people to navigate their opinions. Meanwhile, it might seem like a mega menu is a piece of cake to eat! But is it?

In this article, we’ll also try to give you a pen picture on mega menu, how it works, what functionality it has, and the benefit you can get from this.

What Is A Mega Menu?

Mega Menu is an impressive and attractive dropdown layout. It offers you numbers of essential options to boost up user engagement.

In fact, a mega menu is a kind of navigation menu. Which shows all the options at a glance ordered horizontally as well as vertically. Sometimes they might be segmented into sections, sometimes not. Whatever, mega menu plays an important rule in your website.

Then, wait no more to learn how to set it up and make your menu professional and user-friendly.

How To Use A WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

While your theme doesn’t support mega menu functionality (or maybe even your theme does!), you can also apply a WordPress mega menu plugin to get mega menu functionality best to your WordPress theme.

Although, there are many plugins which can add mega menu functionality to your site. Now, we will talk about two of most promising and highest-rated plugins so far.

Master Addons Mega Menu

Master Addons is an outstanding Elementor addon that has made it easier to create any Megamenu in WordPress.

You can develop a 100% responsive Mega Menu with Dropdown items with this extension. It lets you get all sorts of Elementor Addons as well. That is to say, “There are no limitations, sky is the limit!” You can drag and drop any element to arrange your mega menu.

Plus, it comes with Master Addons Custom CSS for more customization options.

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu lets you build your mega menu using regular WordPress widgets. Especially, this plugin is very beginner-friendly. First of all, you are to install and activate the Max Mega Menu plugin. If you are not a elementor user, then Max Mega menu is the best solution for you. It has a powerful mega menu editor. Like elementor, here you can select different elements like a list item, image, etc.

Let me show you in-depth method for Master Addons Mega Menu extension.

Here you go!

Installing Master Addons

First of all, install and activate the Master Addons Plugin. After the installation of Master Addons, it will add a new menu item ‘Master Addons’ to your WordPress admin menu. From the option you can enable or disable any elements & extensions. Make sure, you have enabled Mega Menu extension. Otherwise, you can’t see anything in menu customization.

Let’s navigate to Appreance> Menus. Create your first menu. You will see Enable or Disable mega menu option. Just enable it and you are ready to go.

master addons mega menu

You can see the “Master Mega” button in every menu item. Just click on the button and you will see a popup appear. Just enable megamenu content.

enable megamenu content

Now click on “Edit Megamenu Content” button and you will see a elementor editor opened via popup. Just drag and drop anything and arrange your desired mega menu.

I recommend you to watch the following video, which will help you to get proper knowledge about this mega menu extension.


Procedures at a glance :

Step 1: Enable the mega menu functionality.

Step 2: Build your mega menu layout.

Step 3: Configure mega menu styling (if needed)

Caution: Don’t forget to click the save button in order to store your settings.

One more thing, you can use the header footer builder to showcase your header or footer dynamically. Take a look at the following screenshot and you will get the concept.

Creating Header Template

Why you Should Add Mega Menu in WordPress?

Mega Menus are very helpful for websites with numbers of contents. This helps you as a website owner to show more items on the top of the page. Many famous websites like Reuters, Starbucks, and Buzzfeed, use mega menus to display their high-end and interactive navigation menus.

Already, you have come to know how to add a mega menu to your WordPress website. There are many benefits you’ll get by using a mega menu. Your mega menu will continue to work even if you switch themes.

You’ll probably get access to more functionality.

Mega menus can also improve the navigability of your site. (Of course, it’s always best to test) By helping users find more, they’ll help you sell more (or meet other business goals, such as attracting donations or disseminating helpful information for nonprofit or government sites.

Some useful features of Mega Menu that you mustn’t miss:

  • 100% responsive mega menu builder plugin for WordPress.
  • Create wonderful & interactive navigation menus.
  • Compose attractive menus with flexible drag and drop functionality.
  • Build your own adaptive menu layouts and make your sites look better on any device.
  • Flexible drag & drop system.
  • Adaptive menu layouts.
  • Fast & Intuitive.
  • Unlimited Styling Options
  • Unlimited menu items.
  • Stylish and interactive.
  • Advanced Feature Widgets
  • Place social icons on the menu bar
  • Ensure better engagements
  • Unlimited styling and customization options
  • Extensive Icon Support
  • Let the visitors search things on the menu
  • Utilize WordPress default search system
  • Can work with any theme
  • Call to Action Button
  • And so much more usefulness you will get by using Mega Menu.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Hopefully, this article helped you learn the procedure to use a mega menu in WordPress. Indeed, your site will look far and more attractive with mega menu. So, without delaying, let’s explore more with mega menu in your WordPress site!

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