Sergey asked 7 years ago

Hi.  I’m interested in your Polmo theme for WordPress.  How come that Your Theme shows with responsive main page to where the font is interactive with the cursor position and also I like the video in the background but when I select your theme in WordPress and press Preview, it gives me some ugly Blog looking page? How do I get the full version on my WordPress builder as you advertise it with video and cursor-responsive font in the front?  Also in the full version, can I replace your video with my own short clips but still keep that curser-responsive font?  

1 Answers
Liton Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Sergey,
You’ll get everything and full access in Premium Version. forced us to make the Blog ugly. They didn’t allow to place any Demo Contents.
Anyway, you can change the Video with yours own one. Customizations will be more easier with Visual Composer.